A small town in New Hampshire that shares an association with Dartmouth College. Where the townies are richer than the students at the College, and NESCAC is the third word in a child's vocabulary. Hanover High School, though a public school with pipes falling out of the ceiling and yearly student evacuations due to hazardous levels of asbestos, turns out a respectable number of high-achieving students. Though residents are for the most part very wealthy, Hanover/Norwich residents live a relatively understated lifestyle in comparison to their Westchester, NY counterparts. Hanover is the New Hampshire equivalent of Greenwich, Westchester, or Orange County. The town shares a high school with Norwich, VT—the only interstate public school in the country. Norwich, though smaller, shares the same demographics as Hanover. All in all, these two towns kick motherfucking ass, no matter what people say. Occasionally self-loathing angst-ridden teens who are stage crew members of the Footlighters or any of the other drama clubs will venture so far as to say they hate where they're from, but the truth is, they wouldn't feel comfortable anywhere else.
Kid 1: Jesus I'm exhausted I had crew superearly this morning and then had to finish a paper for SWS and Mrs Alsup called me a fucking dumbass.

Kid 2: You're so typically Hanover, shut the hell up. PS, I found out I got into Bates yesterday after tennis practice!

Kid 1: Sweet let's get wasted during third period X in the woods behind the school. Man I love growing up in Hanover, no matter what those fucking bench kids say.
by Sweeet April 27, 2007
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The dirty ghetto of midwestern Ontario. Surrounded by hick towns. Meth central.
I'm ashamed to say I am from Hanover.
by asfx4562 March 30, 2010
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Hanover is a small town in New Hampshire where Dartmouth College is located. Many very wealthy people live in Hanover. People want to live in Hanover.
A rap lyric about Hanover:
H-Town we rock beats and Polos, wear boat shoes, drive Volvos.
by Manover July 30, 2006
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The most soul-crushing, shallow white town in Massachusetts. People here are a tad more well-off than in Rockland or Pembroke, but as a result they generally come off as insecure, insufferable nouveau trying to pass for Hingham or Scituate aristocrats and failing epically. Nobody is comfortable in their own skin here, and would proudly backstab even their best friends to get ahead - the 48 Laws are gospel here.

Hanover is the quintessential future ghost town of the Reagan service economy - mass-produced McMansion developments drew in the shittiest kind of white people - from loan officers to ambulance chasers to upper middle retail managers to Amway entrepreneurs and other outright shysters. All of America's major strip mall chains decided to set up shop on Route 53 and Washington Street - it's literally all big "$$" chains around the mall. If you ever encounter an elitist prick who must put others down to feel better about themselves while denying the truth that they're really not so great, they're probably from here.

It's evident in the next generation, too: Hanover High School is the absolute worst atmosphere of shallow, vapid alphas imaginable. All anybody cares about is sports and getting drunk and high - and despite this they're also some of the most unambitious, naive idealists with this grand sense of entitlement that they'll get into BC or Holy Cross and become a rich NFL coach with a trophy wife and cherry unicorns on top someday. Follow your dreams! YOLO, right?!
Meanwhile in college...

Tryhard Asshole with a 4in Needledick: Sup faggots I'm from Hanover - #420YOLOSWAG am I cool now?

Actual Alpha Bro: Top Kek. GTFO poser!
by HanoverSurvivor March 13, 2014
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a worthless town on the south shore of massachusetts. known for its shitty highschool, stupid drama, ugly people, tons of drugs, ignorant uglies, and lame parties. many people are complete dumbasses and fail at their pathetic lives. very boring besides the bonfire. also consists of foolish ignorant assholes who do not know anything besides what goes on with themselves. the reason why i go to other towns to kick it.
hanover is the shittiest town on the south shore. it has a highschool which is falling apart and annoying bitches who don't know how to party. do not move here. i hate it. i want to move.
by the bitch next door May 26, 2008
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A small town in South Shore of Massachusetts is basically a town where you are either rich or poor, no inbetween. The whole town has almost no diversity. Almost all whiteys. The school system is full of boys and girls who like to smell sharpies a little too much. The girls dress like they walked out of a Hollister, with apsolutely no curves and the boys dress like complete trash. The only reason anyone moves here is because of the "good school system" or you wont be accepted anywhere else. There are almost no sidewalks so you can't walk anywhere and It is probably one of the shittiest town in the south shore.

Welcome to Hanover.

PS- Take it from someone who has lived there their whole life.
"Dude, I need some pot. Where should we get some?"
"Uhhh... Hanover?"
by E!!en...WOAH July 21, 2008
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A small town that knows how to party. If your a nerd you will most likely hate the town and then post about it a few years after you graduate on urbandictionary.com.
Them hanover kid sure do enjoy their busch lights.
I'm from hanover, but I'm to cool I kick it elsewhere.
by weaintsleptinweeks2 December 06, 2009
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