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Smoking opium or heroin in combination with methamphetamine. Results in a very jagged effect, jittery but with a less sharp edge, manically activated and feeling invincible yet with a sense of contented well being. Commonly displaying extreme indecision coupled with impulsive action, until the meth wears off (the crash). A crash test is more uppy than is free falling, and edgier than a speedball, as the meth tends to make it more energizing (and less euphoric) than the cocaine in the other combinations. Crash testing (as well as free falling) can be considered non-injected alternatives to speedballing.
Duke: Let's see, what's in the valise ... looks like a vial of what might be speed, and a baggie of ... some manner of brownish gummy powder.
Dr Gonzo: We can crash test and go to the casino and take them for every dollar we've ever lost to them, the parasites!
Duke: If we live through it, we'll be wealthy indeed! Until the bats catch up to us!
by insidiot October 27, 2018
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