14 definitions by Meep

Aw, you stepped on a squigeon. Get out of the tent.
by Meep February 15, 2004
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"shut tha fuck up, nucka"
by Meep February 15, 2004
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Self proclaimed attack captain of the Shichinin-tai, he is girly, sadistic and openly gay. He's also best friends with his leader, Bankotsu (or maybe more than friends) and overly obsessed with Inuyasha.
"Jakotsu, DAMN IT! Stop touching me!"
by Meep March 26, 2005
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Keep your big scrotum plow out of my business!
by Meep April 22, 2003
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noun; non-conforming female, individual, ass-kicker.
also: verb: sound, as in a squeal, induced by cute things and yaoi
-as defined by Osachan
"meepalicious saves the day"
by Meep July 26, 2004
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1. Animals, especially the animals of a particular region or period, considered as a group.
2. A sexually desirable young woman.
by Meep March 16, 2005
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