14 definitions by Meep

Main Entry: gay·mor
Pronunciation: 'gAy-mer
Function: noun

1. Used as a disparaging term for a gamer.
2. An unskilled or novice player. Sometimes it is used as slang for 'you suck'.
1. Most of my friends are gaymors, they need to get some fucking sun and get out of their parents basement.
2. "There are to many gaymors in this group, I'm going to leave it soon"
by Meep March 27, 2007
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When a woman is asked how many sexual partners she's had, take her answer and divide by three.
Even without applying the rule of three, she had already slept with a staggering number of people.
by Meep January 09, 2005
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noun; non-conforming female, individual, ass-kicker.
also: verb: sound, as in a squeal, induced by cute things and yaoi
-as defined by Osachan
"meepalicious saves the day"
by Meep July 25, 2004
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Self proclaimed attack captain of the Shichinin-tai, he is girly, sadistic and openly gay. He's also best friends with his leader, Bankotsu (or maybe more than friends) and overly obsessed with Inuyasha.
"Jakotsu, DAMN IT! Stop touching me!"
by Meep March 25, 2005
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