Basically saying that person looks so good you can eat them all up.
Zamnnn Zaddy you lookin' like a snack on your bday!
by vimOnster November 5, 2019
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The thought of wanting to eat a girl out or take them back to your place and have some fun.
Damn, that girl is lookin like a snack I’d like to take her back to my place and mess her up
by Professor Finessor November 11, 2017
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what this phrase means is that when you fine someone that you wish to mate with you have to be upfront with them and say that they are lookin' like a snack to show that you have feelings for them
adolf said, "Yo dawg, you be lookin' like a snack." To which Eva Braun said, "Oh mine, he's a keeper."
by dab4thelord October 12, 2017
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