12 definitions by McWritah

the act of someone stripping some or all of their clothes because he or she is under the influence of alcohol
After a few rounds of Circle of Death, my homeboy told this girl to drinkendrop dem draws.
by McWritah June 16, 2015
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To be out of your comfort zone
I see why she always orders take-out now; she is so noylee in the kitchen.
by McWritah July 8, 2015
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male adult that you had the most fun with growing up as a child
Uncle Phil was my play dad growing because he took me to many theme parks and water parks during my summer breaks.
by McWritah June 16, 2015
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When someone reaches his or her breaking point of making a decision to have impulsive behavior that will have severe consequences or repercussions.
My group mates for this college course have put me so much on-ledge, I just want to do my own project separately.
Everyone in your group gets a B, when the professor passes back grades; and you fail since they mentioned you were uncooperative in the individual group evaluations.
by McWritah July 8, 2015
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when someone is thinking up a fantasy in their head
When your mother nags at you to do something and asks the trick question, " Are you hearing me clearly?" You reply, "Oh what? Sorry. I was at my brain beach."
by McWritah July 9, 2015
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A person you call who is precious to you just so you can let them know how much you care about them.
On my international business trip I contacted Mariah, my call-flower, in the early morning, to let her know I arrived safely and give her peace of mind.
by McWritah July 8, 2015
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the hair and skin someone sees in his or her bed when he or she wakes up
When my sister and I woke up she said, " Look at all your hair in the bed." I replied, " You got bedshed too."
by McWritah July 10, 2015
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