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A standard Christmas celebration held by people who aren't able to be with their birth families because they are overseas or have a difficult relationship with their family.

Often used by people who have been disowned by their parents, such as homosexuals who have escaped their conservative, small-town upbringing and moved to the more open-minded city.
"Tell everyone there's an Orphan's Christmas at mine this year. Bring a plate and the booze is on me!"
by Matti! Matti! Matti! November 25, 2011

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When a (usually) woman equates sex with love, thinking that because a man had sex with her, it means that he loves her. In men, it is often a nerdy type who has sex out of his league and turns into a total obsessive. Is often the trigger for stalkerish behaviour.
Dude, you can't bang her, she has Sex-is-love Disorder!
by Matti! Matti! Matti! January 03, 2011

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A day on which all the people one meets are unattractive, despite the odds which say that half the people one meets will be attractive.
You're lucky you stayed home: it was Ugly Day at the gym today!
by Matti! Matti! Matti! November 19, 2010

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To become resigned to the fact that you won't be able to defecate until your colon decides it's ready to.
Patient: "I took the laxatives you gave me but I still haven't been able to go to the toilet."
Doctor: "Well, your bowel will evacuate when it's ready. You'll just have to learn constipatience."
by Matti! Matti! Matti! May 15, 2013

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v. having a lot of cash to spend.

Usually referring to "cashed-up bogans": members of the great unwashed who have come into money and are moving up in society by buying a house in a more upmarket suburb. Unfortunately, you can take the boy from Balga, but you can't take Balga from the boy.
The cashed-up bogans are taking over the neighbourhood: it's time to move house.
by Matti! Matti! Matti! November 20, 2010

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Julia Gillard, current prime minister of Australia and a redhead, thus the most powerful ranga female. A satyrical reference to a ginger takeover of the country.
Did you see the Ranga Queen on TV last night? I'd tap that.
by Matti! Matti! Matti! April 29, 2011

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An American who has been living in another country long enough to understand that/why the people in that country feel antipathy toward Americans, and is modifying their behaviour/educating themselves to overcome those deficiencies.

From the phrase "recovering alcoholic".
No, it's all right, you can invite Crandall to Grandpère's birthday: he's a recovering American.
by Matti! Matti! Matti! January 03, 2011

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