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When you use your annual season ticket travelcard to make pointless and unnecessary journeys just because you can.

The early stages of travelcard abuse can typically be identified by young professionals trying to justify the annual expense of their travel card by stating something similar to "well I have paid for it so I may as well use it".

This eventually progresses into downright travelcard abuse.

Though its origin is when referring to the London Underground it has been known to apply to other annual tickets purchased for other methods of transportation.
I haven't got a lot planned for tomorrow I'll probably just engage in some travelcard abuse.

Let's abuse the travel card and meet up at here *points to random station on map* because I think it has a funny station name.

Why did I go all the way to South London just to go to Mc.Donalds when there's around 46 of them much closer? Because I can! That's travelcard abuse at its best baby!
by Matthew1471 June 13, 2009
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School of Computer Science, typically used to refer to the University of Birmingham's School of Computer Science but may refer to that of Manchester's, Bristol's or St.Andrew's.
Chrifofer says: Where is the Hou Man?
Matthew1471! says: At SoCS I do believe..
by Matthew1471 January 5, 2008
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A Game in which you move your feet as the arrows scroll up on screen :-D

Also known as "The Dance Dance Revolution Emulator"
Hey I spend my evenings playing StepMania
by Matthew1471 September 13, 2003
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A song by Daft Punk used to infer the radical evolutionary change society has taken towards a more technological world... Technologic, the technology and industrial logic behind the technology (Derrived from technological)
What, you havn't looked at our technologic society these days?

Mobile phones have become part of our technological civilization
by Matthew1471 August 22, 2006
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Malware installed while trying to obtain a crack or keygen (Warez) for copyrighted or otherwise illegal software, can also apply to malware downloaded over P2P while attempting to access copyrighted files (I do not endorse this)
"OMG 180search?! That malwarez came from some site linked on Astalavista"

Lord d'Eath says (12:52 PM): taken a good couple of minutes to close the System Properties dialog
!Matthew1471 - In a town full of fiction, everyone has a version of the truth {Cardiff} says (12:53 PM): Malwarez!
by Matthew1471 September 16, 2006
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Acronym for "Power On Self Test", The term is used to define the sequence your computer initiates when turned on.. checking the ram and available drives.. etc

It's before you see the Windows or Linux screen
<Derek> My Computer's screwed
<AndyRoo> Does it complete the POST?
by Matthew1471 November 13, 2004
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Taken and adapted from Bluetooth pairing (when two Bluetooth enabled devices agree to communicate with one another).

In bluetooth, When this happens, the two devices join what is called a trusted pair. When one device recognizes another device in an established trusted pair, each device automatically accepts communication, bypassing the discovery and authentication process that normally happen during Bluetooth interactions.

This can however be used when on the town to refer to women you hope to hook up with.
<aie93> Seen anyone to pair with yet?
<Matthew1471> nah, that woman pushing the pram looks already paired.

Pairing is the verb meaning "to pair"
by Matthew1471 September 18, 2006
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