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Collymore: to arrogantly and aggressively drown out the opposing view in an argument by droning on and ruddy on in a brummie accent.

Taken from "Charlie Brookers Screenwipe" Season 3 Episode 3 about "Stan Collymore" on "The Verdict" TV show.
If he proposes it i'll Collymore that!
by Matthew1471 January 12, 2008
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Collymore - To hit a someone but with an open hand. Derived from the dogging loving, Twitter hating ex footballer Stan Collymore & his admission of hitting his ex-missus Ulrika Jonsson (all be it with an open hand).
"My wife burnt my fishfingers the other night so I had to bloody Collymore her right in the face!"
by Bushmangarry January 30, 2014
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