122 definition by Matthew

A young cumguzzling metrosexual, often employed at places like Starbucks or the local art museum.
That's a nice new scarf you have there, ShitBitch!
by Matthew January 30, 2004

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What Saddam Hussein tells Qusay to do whilst he is rapping
Check me while I babylon. Pump up the bass Qusay
by Matthew December 22, 2003

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the aftermath of a massive sugar or caffeine rush. signs include headache, rapid blured memory, slow reflexes and movement
"I drank too much root beer and woke up with a slothover"
by matthew February 14, 2005

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: A discriptive phrase accentuating the fact or portraying the feeling when one has feces waiting to be discharged from the anus.
"i got a crap on deck that could choke a donkey"
by Matthew December 08, 2003

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1. sketchy; shady
2. confusing or bewildering
1. He engiminously slid through the shadows.

2. this is quite the engiminous situation youve gotten yourself into.
by Matthew December 18, 2002

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rolling on floor laughing my big ass off
boy: bitch
girl: I may be the female but you da bitch
boy: roflmbao
by Matthew December 12, 2003

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HIGH-lar-i-us (adj): A particularly clever yet unpretentious joke or situation which does not readily present itself as humorous absent higher intellectual processing. The rare occurrence where a British-style pun is actually quite funny. This definition, however, explicitly excludes esoteric, disciplinary humor such as that shared amongst PhD candidates, law-students and anyone remotely associated with the New Yorker.
1. It took me a while to realize that John Doe was actually highlarious.
2. "Everybody Loves Raymond" is neither highlarious, nor remotely funny for that matter. See: crimes against humanity.
by Matthew November 19, 2005

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