One of the few acceptable nu-metal bands. Except for the fact that all of their members have these wierd pysedonyms, like Cüd and stuff like that. However thier music is still pretty good, especially their latest album, Lost and Found.
Another good factor is that they also aren't nearly as mainstream as most other bands.

Some good songs are World So Cold, Happy?, Forget to Remember, and Fall Into Sleep
by rush8192 October 17, 2005
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Mu - Mud = Wetdirtyour buried under this

Dv - Devestation = whats been done to them, therefore they like to sing about

Ay - Asylum = The protection afforded by a sanctuary a quiet place to forget these problems

Ne - i am Nothing
i am Everything

really the word alone IS a sentence,
if you understand the definition
by KuDvAyNe July 16, 2003
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Alternative Metal band.

Vocals can be soft one minute, and screaming the next.

Jazz-like guitar time signatures

Bass that ranks up to legendary bassists like Steve Harris, and Cliff Burton

And a Drummer that plays like hes having a fucking seizure, which is a good thing.

Seriously the best band of the 21st century. The 80's had Metallica and Iron Maiden. the 90's had Nirvana, and now we have Mudvayne
everybody: "mudvayne kick ass"
by dragondance~ February 14, 2007
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One of the greatest bands. The best nu-metal one, and one of the hardest nu-metal bands.
Mudvayne eats pieces of shit like k-fed, 50 cent and Good Charlotte for breakfast.
by evmister December 04, 2006
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