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Second in the great Romero Dead Trilogy, after Night Of The Living Dead and before Day Of The Dead. Considered by many to be the best of the three, and indeed the best Zombie movie ever made.

Features an inept pilot who can;t swing a hammer for crap, a pregnant chick, a black dude who REALLY likes bread, a badass white dude who screams all the time, a scientist with an eyepatch, and a great many memorable zombies (Hare Krishna Zombie, Fat Disgusting Zombie, Zombies with afros, and Gun-Carryin' Zombie)

Was recently remade into a more 28 Days Later-esque movie, with action scenes that ALL ripped off an Australian Zombie movie zimply called "Undead." Although the remake did have several good moments, including a zombie baby, and some cameos from the origional actors.
by Mattersy March 22, 2004
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One of the worst films of all time, being beat out possibly by only Plan 9 From Outer Space and Monster A Go-Go. It contains all of 3 sets, a random Frank Zappa looka-alike, and Torgo, who is perhaps the sexiest man of all time (with his own amazingly repeditive and annoying theme music to boot).
How could anyone possibly make a movie this bad?
by Mattersy January 10, 2004
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An extremely mediocre band that was the precurser to the emo/indie explosion in the US. Their music can range from light-hearted and fun songs about lesbians to the whiny and extremely annoying songs about lesbians.

Weezer is also note-worthy for the fact that they have been kicked out of everry musical genre they have attempted to become a part of. First they were kicked out of nerdcore, then they were kicked out of emo, then they were kicked out of the muppets. It's kinda sad really.
Weezer is not the worst band ever, but they're certainly not the best.
by Mattersy January 20, 2005
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The most Canadian-beer-drinkinist, acid-washed-jeans-wearinist, hockey-hair-havinist tub of action this side of Quebec!
-Troy, in the most classic line if all cinema history
by Mattersy January 10, 2004
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An improper way to refer to The Aquabats. In my world saying this would result in a 200$ fine!
by Mattersy January 15, 2004
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