1. good band
2. kid with asthma
" I love to listen to weezer"
"Hey, get weezer's inhaler."
by whscubana November 26, 2003
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A band so awesome that they can sing about cheese and make it sound cool.
On the scale of awesomeness, Weezer is super great.
by dot August 14, 2003
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Very good rock band. Lead singer/ lead guitarist- rivers cuomo, guitarist- brian bell, bassist (current)-scott shriner, and drummer- pat wilson
Recomended songs:

tired of sex
only in dreams
pink triangle
falling for u
across the see
say it aint so
el scorcho
by Bert November 4, 2003
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1. Nerds in consert
2. The best band ever
3. Nerd rock
4. Nerd/dork Utopia
I went to a weezer consert and bowed-down to the nerd gods.
by Andrew March 8, 2005
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an alternative rock band, who debuted with their self-titled album, commonly referred to as the blue album, in 1994. their next album, pinkerton, was at first rejected by many, and the ever fickle Rolling Stone named it the worst album of 1996. they later apologized, and the album is now praised by many as being one of the best albums of the last twenty years. weezer, under the leadership of Rivers Cuomo is known for their brilliant ability to write music. they would later release two more albums, the green album, and maladroit. both failed to live up to the name of their predecessors. they recently released another album, make believe, on may 10, 2005.
by hit the lights July 31, 2005
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a great band. emo idiots who say they like weezer and call it emo don't know what the hell they are talking about. they first came out with the blue album, which was, in my opinion, their best. i dont mean to say that theyre other ones weren't great. green album, pinkerton, and maladroit all rocked too, but critics and "fans" expected them to be as awesome as blue. they were just as great, just a little different. and make believe got slammed by critics. who cares what those idiots think? they aren't weezer fans and therefore can't recognize they're awesome-ness. make believe actually had some really great songs.
emo girl: omigod! i love weezer, rivers cuomo is sooo cute! and his black horn-rimmed glasses are exactly like mine! he is so emo!
real weezer fan: fool, shut up. they aren't emo. and he doesn't try to be cute. he took up a vow of celibacy. idiot.
by save me from visi June 27, 2005
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