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Old usage: the act of sailing around on a huge boat with a bunch of other guys (all of whom most likely are missing either one of their legs, hands, or eyes) and raiding spanish galleons up and down whatever coast you happen to be on. This action usually involves a lot of town pillaging, treasure looting, booty stealing, cutlass weilding, ARRR! yelling, parrot having, musket shooting, rum drinking, accordion playing, cannon cannoning, and buggery.

New usage: the act of stealing music, movies, unlicensed software, etc off of the internet. Usually done through a variety of p2p clients. This practice is of course denounced by the industry and they have launched a campaign of legal action and anti-piracy media featuring the likes of M E Hart aimed at destroying piracy, but all indications as of now are that it will survive.

In both cases, piracy is awesome.
Up with piracy!
by mattersy June 02, 2004

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The most Canadian-beer-drinkinist, acid-washed-jeans-wearinist, hockey-hair-havinist tub of action this side of Quebec!
-Troy, in the most classic line if all cinema history
by Mattersy January 09, 2004

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A cute-looking chick with cat ears, a tail, and maybe paws and a few patches of fur. Catgirls usually act rather cat-like and always succeed in being very very cute and sexy.

Catgirls walk the line between Furry and anime. They have made furries of anime fans, and anime fans of furries.
Catgirls are cat-tastic!
by Mattersy January 09, 2004

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The greatest band of all time, and the greatest crimefighters as well.
These 7 (or 8) masked heroes of justice roam the earth defeating such enemies as Powdered Milk Man, The Cat With Two Heads, and GWAR and then making kikass songs about their adventures.

Cast out of their homeland of Aquabania by their nemisis Space Monster M, they were given super powers of rock by The Proffesor and now seek to take over the world with their music.

They rule.
The Aquabats are pretty darned nifty if you ask me.
by Mattersy January 15, 2004

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One of the greatest characters of American Cinema, with unparalleled dilivery and timing, and the sexiest knees this side of anywhere!
Here's your complimentary.............crazy bread......
by Mattersy January 07, 2004

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Any form of music that is made by nerds, for nerds, or about nerdly things. Nerdcore can be made in any style of music, but most people identify it in either its pop-punk or hip-hop forms. Although many people think the term "nerdcore" was made up by MC Frontalot, it has in fact been in use by rock bands for many years prior to Frontalot's use of the term.

Nerdcore should not be confused with bands that are simply stereotypically popular with nerds such as They Might Be Giants, DEVO, Ween, etc.

Musicians in this genre include (but are by no means limited to):
Nerf Herder
Warp 11
The Aquabats (definately moreso in their later albums)
The Phenomenauts (Mainly because of their pre-occupation with science)
The Mathematicians
MJ Hibbet

MC Frontalot
MC Chris
MC Lars
MC Hawking
MC Paul Barman
Del Tha Funkee Homosapian (specifically on the "Deltron 3030" album)
Optimus Rhyme
The Lords Of The Rhymes

The NESkimos
The Laziest Men On Mars


Weird Al
Did you go download the new Frontalot song? It's so nerdcore!
by Mattersy May 25, 2005

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The greatest corporate rapper in the universe. He can bust beats and break rhymes better than any other corporate rapper I know.
He is most well known for playing the role of MC Double Def DP (that's the "Disk Protector" for you and the posse) in the masterful "Don't Copy That Floppy." In this role he did an informative rap that educated on the children of america on the dangers of piracy and the intricacies of copyright law.
He currently is working as a lawyer at "Strategic Interactions Inc."
He also have VERY creepy eyes.
Did I hear you right, did I hear you sayin'
That you're gonna make a copy of a game without payin'?
Come on, guys, I thought you knew better don't copy that floppy!
-M E Hart
by Mattersy April 18, 2004

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