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A fictitiously huge amount. Take a huge number, the hugest number you can think of. It's probably bigger then that, unless you thought of tenfinity.
Whoa dude your house burned down! That sucks times ninefinity!
by Mattersy January 15, 2004

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What commands Timmy Toast to kill.
"I hear toast!" -Timmy
"Does the toast talk to you? Does it order you to kill?" -Drabinowitz
by mattersy January 28, 2004

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Being just so sexy that you have to say it ALL THE TIME!!!!!

When all the ladies want you, and all the men know it.
Matt Sambito is the epitome of sexitude, Phil is not.
by Mattersy December 18, 2003

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One day a guy from Texas thought to himself "Y'know, what the world needs right now is another Nerf Herder except fat, untalented, and not funny." 3 of his friends agreed. They went on to form a band that skirts the boundaries of nerdcore, pop-punk, and just plain crap.

The band has a few good songs, most of which come about when they don't take themselves very seriously and succeed in being somewhat amusing, but then the lead singer is like "I want to make things kinda serious for a minute, and talk about this girl who left me 15 years ago." at which point their music becomes forgettable, cliche, and lame.
Bowling for Soup should have stayed in Texas.
by Mattersy January 19, 2005

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An extremely mediocre band that was the precurser to the emo/indie explosion in the US. Their music can range from light-hearted and fun songs about lesbians to the whiny and extremely annoying songs about lesbians.

Weezer is also note-worthy for the fact that they have been kicked out of everry musical genre they have attempted to become a part of. First they were kicked out of nerdcore, then they were kicked out of emo, then they were kicked out of the muppets. It's kinda sad really.
Weezer is not the worst band ever, but they're certainly not the best.
by Mattersy January 20, 2005

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