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The virtual equivalent of mass telepathy: being able to read people's thoughts all at the same time, in different time zones.
Twitter is a God-sent tool that enables us to guage the mood of different peoples in different geographies, based on their rational and irrational tweets.
by MathPlus August 31, 2016

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Doing creative mathematical problem solving with zero clothes on, hoping that the new freedom might arouse some novel solutions.
At a math conference, the speaker encouraged the teachers to resort to naked math every now and then in the privacy of their home, as the new setting would help them remove any inhibitions to think creatively.
by MathPlus August 14, 2016

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A country where it is easier to get a college degree than finding a spouse—female graduates refuse to marry down and male graduates refuse to marry up.
In spite of free cruises and financial incentives, Singapore's attempt to matchmake graduates, hoping for them to produce future Einsteins and Beethovens, has received lukewarm responses.
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by MathPlus October 29, 2016

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One notorious math theorem most adults still recall from their school days, still wondering whether they will ever make use of it in their lives.
While the Pythagorean theorem has psychologically contributed to the suffering of tens of millions of schoolchildren, its role in science and engineering cannot be disputed.
by MathPlus July 10, 2016

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The year China plans to retaliate against President Trump if he keeps on tweeting about his threats to impose high tariffs on her exported goods to the United States.
In the Trump Year, Donald Trump's attacks on China's foreign and economic policy is expected to receive a tit-for-tat response from the Communists.
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by MathPlus December 31, 2016

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Chopping off any significant digit of a number earlier than needed in a multi-step solution.
The boy was guilty of premature truncation, by rounding off the decimal number in the intermediate step to two instead of three decimal places, thus resulting in his failure to get the textbook answer.
by MathPlus June 29, 2016

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Math questions teachers should initially abstain from giving to immature students—who have a shallow grasp of algebraic concepts.
An unsafe algebra question would be "What is 2x?" Is it twice the value of x? Is it the area of a rectangle with dimensions 2 units and x units? Or, does it stand for something else?
by MathPlus July 15, 2016

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