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A problem-solving strategy that has been held hostage by pseudo-math editors, with authors and bloggers arguing for its release into the Singapore math curriculum.
Unlike the bar model method, which involves left-right model drawing, the stack model method gives problem solvers the flexibility to stack the model in a vertical way—it's like 2D modeling—which lends itself to more creative solutions.
by MathPlus July 15, 2016

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In sign language: 🇸🇬🔢
Singapore Math has somewhat modeled Singapore into a geeky but an indifferent nation—one with a brain like a computer but a heart like a stone!
by MathPlus September 21, 2016

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A highly addictive, accident-prone app that digitally aims to develop a demonic bond with players—which embraces elements of Satanism, witchcraft, and Shintoism.
Far from being a family-friendly interactive app, Pokémon GO subtly introduces players to the occultic world of demons and evil spirits, disguised as cute-looking monsters.
by MathPlus August 08, 2016

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A condition that potential consumers face when they are lured to products and services that are apparently free, or require zero inconvenient action on their part.
I've been suffering from zero fatigue, which has landed me in huge debt: I put in $0 deposit to buy a second house; applied for a premium credit card at 0% interest rate for two years; and needed zero medical check-ups to buy a life insurance policy.
by MathPlus June 28, 2016

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A term that denotes a huge number that is much less than its actual value, because someone wants to sound wealthier than he is, and to gain more respect from others.
Donald claimed to be a billion-dollar man, but most business folks think that he’s merely a trumpillion-dollar fellow, whose name can’t even be spotted on the first twenty pages of the Forbes’ billionaires list.
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by MathPlus March 19, 2018

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One who is totally blind; also known as "visually challenged," or zerosightedness.
Politicians love using the term"0/0 vision" to the politically incorrect "blind" or "visually impaired."
by MathPlus June 19, 2016

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A social filter to sieve out the nerd from the herd—often used as a stumbling block to prevent otherwise intelligent people from reaching their full potential.
It's convenient and faster for interviewers to use the math grade as an assessment weapon to filter out the "bad" applicants from the "good" ones.
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by MathPlus January 31, 2017

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