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Surprise, surprise! COVID is still here! You shouldn't have got your hopes up people.
Just wait until January 20th, 2021. That is when the real fun begins.
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by Master Of Nations January 01, 2021

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The day that Joe Biden gets sworn into the White House as president.
January 20, 2021 also happens to be the day that the Simpsons predict the next Civil War will happen.
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by Master Of Nations November 25, 2020

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A fancy name for the FBI or for the police.
Person 1: Dude, tf did you do this time?!
Person 2: Wdym?
Person 1: The Bulletproof Boy Scouts are here to arrest us!!!
Person 2: SHIT!!!!!
by Master Of Nations July 08, 2020

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The person who lost a game of Kahoot
Person One: Why did this dude become a school shooter?
Person Two: Ever heard of Kahoot?
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by Master Of Nations October 17, 2020

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He is the one that is with us on our campaign.
On the road to the campaign tonight
Endless waves of troops following the path of Uncle
Thousands of flowers bloom for your victory
Dedicated to the party with a belief in unity
Victory Banner, Golden Star shining
Guide us along the path
March, we advance to liberate the South
Where our countrymen remain oppressed
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by Master Of Nations December 22, 2020

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The most useless class on the face of this planet if you live in an English speaking country. You basically get taught how to spell English words, how to use English grammar, and how to properly construct an English sentence.
Basically, if you live in an English speaking country, you are getting taught shit you already know. If you are an unlucky soul like me, you get assigned a DBQ (Document Based Question) where you have a stupid question like "Who Are The Outsiders", and then you have to read a background essay, answer questions, read all the documents and answer all the questions after each document. Then after THAT, you get to write a 3-4 paragraph essay on "Who Are The Outsiders". In other cases, the teacher will just make you write an essay about the most useless shit on Earth.
Sometimes, you get a vocabulary packet. Where I go to school, basically it's where you read a 9-10 paragraph essay that has 20-30 highlighted words. Then, after that, you go over all the words and their definitions. Then, you get to match the words with their definitions, match synonyms, match antonyms, and find out the central idea of the passage. Overall, their are about 65 questions on each packet. You must turn this in every week since each of these are worth 25% of your grade, and if you bring the wrong one, you are screwed.
In other words, the class sucks.
Why do I have to take English class if I already speak the goddamn language?
by Master Of Nations December 20, 2020

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It's a song by Taio Cruz. Listen, I know BTS broke the record with their song Dynamite, but Taio Cruz will always be the original Dynamite man.
People lookin' up Dynamite on YouTube for BTS.
But I searched for Dynamite by Taio Cruz.
by Master Of Nations September 26, 2020

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