79 definitions by Marcus

I shouldn't have had eight beers and four bags of peanuts at the game last night because now I have asshole aflame.
by Marcus March 08, 2005
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Meaning. "Head Pimp In Charge" Term used in the south by the rednecks who made it up down south in mobile al.
Yo nigga back up off my hoe before I have to regulate yo ass, im the HPIC biznitch.
by Marcus December 24, 2003
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wanting lots of money
man im really hungry , i'm goin to look for a job
by Marcus June 05, 2004
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a pimp that came stright outta compton and moved to detroit... fan of detroit lions
by Marcus April 09, 2005
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Fan of the Detroit Lions!!! enjoys seeing joey harrington throw TDs and likes seeing the cleveland browns lose
Detlion04 knows how the restore the roar
by Marcus April 23, 2005
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The exact opposite of a "Bastard".
A child living without a mother
Man #1-Your mom was such a fucking whore, she died after having you, her 18th child!

Man #2-Yeahh! That means your a God Damn Dirtsaab!!
by Marcus May 25, 2004
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