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An adjective to describe someone so extemely ugly that they appeared to have been struck by lightening.
Bob's girlfriend is snag lightening ugly!

When my wife wakes up in the morning, it looks like she snagged lightening.
by Marcus December 30, 2005
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Same as onoz. See onoz
Bob: on0z!!111111111!1!11111111111`1111
by Marcus July 09, 2004
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Same as on0z. See on0z
Bob: onoz!!!!!!!!111111111!!!!!!!!!111
by Marcus July 09, 2004
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McGee, one who is good at destroying things, but not as good as the Mighty One; One who says things that sometimes scare people; One who makes a "Tardy" out of several people; Master of "Two Man Enter, one man leave, Ring RING!"; See also Mega
Mega gave head to McGee, The Pretty Much OK.
by Marcus April 17, 2003
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Website allowing users to send masked and anonymous SMS's.
"I'll send you an SMS from theSMSzone!"

Meaning: I'll have fun sending you prank messages!
by Marcus February 17, 2005
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Rabbi: I like hitler
Me: WTJ??????????????????????////////
by Marcus April 22, 2004
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