A tool; a sheep; one who blindly follows trends and majority rule on account of being too stupid and/or insecure to think for themselves and express their own views.
Chris actually had no problem at all with classic literature, but because he was a complete milquetoast automaton, he laughed along anyway with his Sigma Chi brothers at the guy reading Candide at the neighboring table in the library.
by Rob-a-dob August 24, 2007
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musical genius and massive bumface...makes weird glitchy sounds come out of computers and makes trumpy sounds with his mouth...the greatest lover in the world...bribe him with chicken, rum or old skatewear.
i wish i could make beats like automaton
by floppyv December 17, 2009
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A person who follows instructions blindly and to the letter never exercising judgement or common sense. This is most commonly seen in bouncers, security guards and door men.
Mark: That damn Mindless Automaton just took my Crisps and Iron Bru
Simon: You wanna say that to his face?
Mark: I would, but he'd probably think it was a complement
by seo01 April 21, 2006
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