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a sexy, red haired pussy
Tom: Did you see that sweet assed red head?
Joe: Yeah. I want a slice of that pumpkin pie!
by MadCobraStyle September 22, 2010

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A gal's best vibrator or dildo that can hit her G spot and make her squirt.
Her: Hand me my G rocket.
Him: Fuck that, I got the real thing right here!
Her: Fuck that? Fuck you. My G rocket stays hard and rocks all night, needle dick.
by MadCobraStyle September 22, 2010

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sex with a woman where only her boobs are involved.
Him: How bout a slice?

Her: How bout staying uptown tonight, I'm having my monthly visitor.
by MadCobraStyle September 17, 2010

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A woman who is no longer a virgin. Once a female is no longer a virgin, having sex again isn't detectable, since there isn't a hymen. Like taking a slice of bread from a loaf that has already been cut.
Tim: Didn't her husband know she has sex with you?

Rick: A slice from a cut loaf is never missed.
by MadCobraStyle December 05, 2010

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a red haired pussy
Joe: Did you see that cute red head?

Tom: Yeah. I'd like to get a slice of that pumkin pie!
by MadCobraStyle September 20, 2010

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