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If you know a Pilar, you should consider yourself one of the luckiest people. She’s, probably, the purest person I’ve ever met. There's not a hint of evil in her, always trying to help whenever she can. She loves nature, and that’s why parks are her favourite place to be with the right company. If you need someone, doesn’t matter for what, Pilar will offer herself to help you. She’s like the mom of the group, and will always know how many of them will go next day if someone is missing. Even though she doesn’t seem to, she loves spicy things, such as universities or showers. She is a happy person who laughs at your jokes, who tells you her anecdotes, but, above all, she is the one who, whatever happens, will always love and support you. Her parties are the best, as she always manages to do a unique activity that everyone likes, such as singing “FRIENDS” in a karaoke. She also is down to earth, knowing always better. If you ask her a question, she’ll always answer with a: “Just smile and nod”. But be careful; don’t make her mad, because she will reply with a simple “Good night”.
“Hey Pilar, what did you do this weekend?”
“I almost burned down the park, why?”
by Macedoniaconpollo November 27, 2020
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Marina "Marraina" is a lovely girl, caring, smiley, sweet, and always ready to support her friends. Her open mind and tolerant self are definitely praiseworthy, and there's no better person in standing up for her thoughts, no matter how unpopular they may be. Despite being as down to earth and as intelligent as an old wise woman, she is fucking crazy, and will undoubtedly put a huge smile on everyone who is around her. Marina is, indeed, the clever one in the group, and she'll always know the answer to almost every question, as well as the meaning of all words - which makes her our personal dictionary. Her handshakes are unforgettable, and how organized she is makes her the next Emma Watson. If you want to redecorate your bedroom or to organize it, she'll undoubtedly help you with it, as her interior designer side emerges. You may think she is lovely only with her people, but if you think so, you are greatly mistaken. She also loves animals, specially her kitties. Marina is surely behind the Tumblr asthetic, and her unique hairstyles and outfits can confirm this. When talking about her, is necessary to describe her BTS and Taylor Swift fangirl side, as well as her being a total bookworm. To sum up, Marina is a great girl with an even better heart, bilingual and a C2 in all aspects. If you know one, you can call yourself lucky, cause she surely is a treasure. If you happen to know a Marina, don't lose her. I can guarantee you that I've never met someone as amazing as her.
-I’m not sure about tonight’s party.
-Don’t worry, Marina’s coming.
-Then it’s sure going to be fire!
by Macedoniaconpollo August 19, 2021
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Anne is a wonderful girl, crazy as fuck, super SEXY, pretty and an absolute goddess, gorgeous both on the outside and on the inside. Moreover, Anne is smart; she always knows what to say or how to help you. She makes you feel better whenever you need it, she makes you feel confident when you’re insecure and she helps you get to know yourself better... Anne is a powerful girl, someone who should be admired because she’s astonishing. In addition, she’s the life of the party and a badass, and she spreads happiness everywhere she goes. Sometimes she can be a bit late, but she makes up for it the minute she arrives. Her laugh, which is very contagious and always appears when she’s drinking, and her incredible “Annecdotes”, leave no one indifferent. She always dresses up really cool, but nonetheless she shines with her own inner light. Anne also really knows how to pull off a perfect makeup, her style is unique, and her hair is spectacular. Even though being tiny, she has a huge heart. Conversations with her are amazing, as she is very open minded. But be careful when talking online with her though, it’s nearly impossible to understand her.
Anne is like a lovely teddy bear, very huggable, but if you try to hurt someone she loves, be careful with her, for she will make you regret it! Anne is a very loved person, be grateful if you know her!
Ostia no, ya me jodería! AHAHASAHSSKJ”
“Who’s that one, shouting like crazy?”
“She must be an Anne, don’t you see how perfect she is?
by Macedoniaconpollo December 21, 2021
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Lucía is one of these girls that you will never forget. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet her, she might seem like a normal person, but when she opens up to you, you realize she is a good egg. She is such a teddy bear and a baby, giving the best hugs of the world. Her sense of humour is, without a doubt, admirable, and you can definitely tell that because all the group jokes were made by her. Lucía’s not easily offended, but she wouldn’t stand having her loved ones hurt. She is very honest and patient, as well as committed to all the group’s plans. She is a crazy mathematician and the hacker par excellence. Despite studying science subjects, she also has a poetic side, which emerges specially at midnight, when the moon appears and she feels inspired. One of her best qualities is how she loves helping her friends, giving them the importance they deserve and valuing them as they should. Her way of understanding love is magnificent and unique, as she can truly appreciate beauty and attachment in lots of things and people. Her inside world is amazing, with music and family and friends in it, and you should be thankful if she lets you in. She is the least sexual person in the world, just play “Watermelon Sugar” and you’ll see. In brief, she is physically a teenager, mentally a 3-year-old toddler, but is actually a wise old woman with clear ideas on the inside. Lucía is a great person with a huge heart, and a better friend and sister.
Oh man, look at the moon! It is so beautiful, it reminds me of Lucía. Let’s send it to her!”
by Macedoniaconpollo December 5, 2020
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If you know a Silvia, forget about being the leader: she was born for that role. But Silvia isn’t just fantastic among your friend group, she is also a twitter star, and Justin Bieber and Jesse Lee Soffer can confirm that. Obsessed with both Netflix and boybands, you can ask her anything you want related to series or songs (specially One Direction and Little Mix) and she will answer gladly. Despite loving all of these things, Silvia is a very down-to-earth and determined person, who will always help you find the most accurate sticker for a conversation. Her style is amazing, and because of that, she is always looking PER-FECT. At first sight, she might seem a little crazy, but she is actually one of the mums of the group, as she always prevents her friends from dying. Silvia, with the cutest smile ever, is definitely the sunbeam in our lives.
“Omg, have you heard Harry Styles’ song Golden?!? Silvia’s hair is surely the inspiration behind it
by Macedoniaconpollo January 3, 2021
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Alicia is someone who always has a smile on her face. She’s the most loving person I know, as she always takes care and loves all her friends. Being around her means being happy, as she is very spontaneous, wanting all of a sudden to dance, jump around or do crazy things. She also is a very affective person, hugging and kissing you all the time, or even treating you as her little baby or puppy. She is, definitely, the craziness we all need. Potterhead is an adjective that defines her perfectly, because she is obsessed with J.K. Rowling’s saga. An Alicia is also like a mother of the group, as she would never judge anyone by what they do or even what other people say, being tolerance incarnate. You’ll never have a boring conversation with Alicia, because she always knows what to say in the right moment, with her stupid but lovely jokes that make a simple conversation the most interesting one. It’s impossible to be angry with her, and she never takes things to heart. She sometimes acts like a 3-year-old child or like the most mature person in the world, but both of her sides, and all of them if she had more, are as lovely as she is. Laugh could be her second name, as she spends half a day laughing. Others love is one of her favourite topics, being even happier than you when something good happens. She’s the most intelligent person I’ve ever met, and she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.
“Who is that, jumping like crazy?”
“Oh, it must be an Alicia; they always feel to the maximum
by Macedoniaconpollo December 5, 2020
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If you know Luzaia you have to agree with me when I say she is the youngest in the group and the brightest too. She's not only the most intelligent, but also a really mature girl, that sometimes will have to control her friends so they don't go crazy. Nonetheless, despite being sensible and mentally grown-up, her inocence will undoubtedly light up your days, making you realise how pure she is.
If you are wondering how to identify a Luzaia, try not to overworry: her style is pretty unique, being black clothes her besties. She may look shy on the outside, but once you get to know her, you'll see how lovely she really is, what makes her an amazing person and a better friend. Of course, when talking about Luzaia you can't forget to mention her laugh. Even though she is not the smiliest person in the world, her laughter gives you "years of life". Besides being an amazing person, she's definitely an artist, as she is addicted to drawing. Not only does she enjoy her own art, but other's too, specially manga and her favourite Instagram artists. Last but not least, Luzaia is a very ambitious person and someone in which you can trust, as she'll keep your secrets and reward you with hers. Knowing Luzaia is a gift, so be prepared for all types of surprises and achievements, cause she surely is the group's pride.
"What’s the most impressive achievement you’ve heard of recently?"
"A 14-year-old girl passing a C2 exam with grade A."
"That sounds a lot like Luzaia!"
by Macedoniaconpollo September 18, 2021
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