Silvia is a beautiful woman. She is sweet, gentle, playful and loving. She is the one person that everyone goes to for help. Silvia has a very energetic personality and a strong exterior. However, she has been through alot but she doesn't show it because she's happy with her 4 kids and she works hard for them and she even found a loyal and lovable man that take care of her and also Silvia is the type of person don't want to mess with because she will break you into pieces but other than that Silvia is a strong and independent and loyal and lovable woman
I love my mom Silvia soooo much became she is the best mom no matter what she's been through she is always smiling 😆
by Samlovely021303 July 25, 2017
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If you know a Silvia, forget about being the leader: she was born for that role. But Silvia isn’t just fantastic among your friend group, she is also a twitter star, and Justin Bieber and Jesse Lee Soffer can confirm that. Obsessed with both Netflix and boybands, you can ask her anything you want related to series or songs (specially One Direction and Little Mix) and she will answer gladly. Despite loving all of these things, Silvia is a very down-to-earth and determined person, who will always help you find the most accurate sticker for a conversation. Her style is amazing, and because of that, she is always looking PER-FECT. At first sight, she might seem a little crazy, but she is actually one of the mums of the group, as she always prevents her friends from dying. Silvia, with the cutest smile ever, is definitely the sunbeam in our lives.
“Omg, have you heard Harry Styles’ song Golden?!? Silvia’s hair is surely the inspiration behind it
by Macedoniaconpollo January 3, 2021
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A Silvia is a clever person. She's known to be very attractive, generous and friendly. Her beauty is only surpassed by her gentle and radiant character.
You should feel priviliged to have a Silvia in your presence.
Silvia, you're just grrrrreat!
by Joeri VM December 27, 2007
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Silvia is a nice girl, all the boys fall head over heels for her. She can be a bitch sometimes but she’s always the favourite girl in the friend group. If you have a Silvia in your life, cherish her because she’s one in a million. She is thick, tall and brunette. She loves to wear revealing clothes to show off to the boys and loves having her hair down in the wind.
Oh my god! Silvia your top is so sexy.

Silvia! Did you kiss Jamie?
by emily_rose1 February 16, 2020
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An absolute perfect person, shes smart,funny,saracstic(at times), and beautiful.She will make an excellent lover on and off the bed. One's you meet a person like her their is no getting over her you will get attached, which is a good thing if you plan on having a good future with her. If you ever meet a Silvia grab a hold of her and don't ever let go or else you will regret it. Her only dislike is liars so dont mess up.
That person looks a lot like a Silvia <3
by DiegotheLion November 17, 2012
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Silvia ex:"Dude ,that chick's a Total Silvia"
by wwwebsters January 16, 2009
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Silvia is a beautiful strong independent Woman with a juicy booty. Silvia is the type of woman you want to make your best friend, your wife and the mother of your kids. She takes no BS from anyone and will cut you off, if you bring bad energy into her life. She’s loyal, honest and a very trustworthy person. Silvias first impression can look a little stock up and mean but Silvia is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She’s the light of the party and you can always be yourself when you’re around her and she will never judge. Silvia is the type of person you want to keep in your life forever.
by QueenKay25 November 23, 2021
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