n. a hot chic (esp. one who loves coffee and has a great smile)
I'm not usually a morning person, but when I see a sunbeam - it's not so bad.
by dbl0st3ph3en May 07, 2007
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A sunbeam is a cheery blonde girl who is more likely to be temperamental and vibrant on every day of the week.
Damn, that Brittney chic is a mutha fuckin sunbeammm!
by Peyton254 October 12, 2009
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Slang for a cheery yet regrettably dim-witted and ugly person, usually a secret pedophile.
"Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam" - The Vaselines

"Don't take me for no sunbeam" - Babyshambles
by Melissa St. Clair August 14, 2009
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The Sunbeam is a passing cargo ship captained by Avery Quinn that picked up the distress signal sent by the Aurora.
This is Avery Quinn of trading ship Sunbeam. Aurora, do you read? Over.

Nothing but vacuum.
by GoDoSomethingProductive March 01, 2021
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They are your deepest, purest passions and happiest thoughts that come along with them. They are the genuine positivity and joy that people get from those passions. When you talk about them you are filled with light and radiate positive energy to others, just like a bright sunbeam. Every single person deserves that type of light in their life, the light that fills them up with contagious energy and joy. When people spread sunbeams or “beams,” it is a natural flow of positive energy emitting from a place of pure happiness.
Arielle: What are your sunbeams?

Leah: Definitely cats and tequila
Arielle: You're beamin' girl
by Igniting Sunbeams February 22, 2021
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