14 definitions by MMjr

When a male goes to zip up pants, and the zipper gets stuck on your dick
"Oh man, I just got a metal dracula. @#$#%!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by MMjr April 21, 2008
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n. When it comes time in a porn star's life, her ass dramatically sags, and the guys in the film slap it like a banjo.
"She was a pretty hot bitch, but now her ass is a busted trunk, and reeks of sardines."

"During the filming of 'Prom Night', Mercedes got a busted trunk."
by MMjr March 27, 2009
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A special/scary type of lapdance, typically found in underground Asian bars:
A very large Asian woman, sometimes dressed as a sumo wrestler, who gives a lapdance to a man. The dancer throws a load of fried rice on the man's lap, then begins to give him a dance, which makes a chemical reaction in the dancer's asshole and inflates the ass like a balloon.
Sometimes performed by Asian men to women
"Mark went to China and hired a sumo wrestler to give him a chinese assload, but then he realized it was just Jamie!"

"I hear a chinese assload is the best lapdance you can ever receive at that bar in Chinatown. Better than any whore by far!"
by MMjr April 05, 2009
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The art of performing sexual intercourse on a 4 legged animal, via the butt hole.
Call a "2 by 4" because a human has 2 legs, where as animals have 4
"Dude, Mark totally performed a successful 2 by 4 on Jamie's dog last night"
by MMjr April 21, 2008
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After a couple has been dating for 6 months, it is now safe for them to have sex, and not regret it.
"Mark and Jamie had sex!? But they forgot the 6 month rule! Oh shit!"
by MMjr October 15, 2008
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(verb); to take a giant shit when you're at someone's place, and get kicked out of their house because it is so disgusting
"Oh crap, I need to abolish slavery. BRB"

"Mark was telling us about how he abolished slavery in Jamie's bathroom last night. It was so gross, she kicked him out."
by MMjr April 21, 2008
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When someone is drinking beer/alcohol/etc, and someone else jumps on their back like a backpack and forces them to chug the beer. Usually done with two people at a time. Whoever gets the beer down first is the winner. The beer guzzler usually goes insane.
Kristen totally beat Kelly at the backpack race last night. Tubby lost his mind he drank so fast.
by MMjr May 26, 2008
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