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missy sexy bitch she pimp this word was made when missy was born.
missy is a playa cause she is a sexy bitch
by MISSY July 31, 2004
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It feels so good to let my dogs out of my shoes.
by MISSY June 28, 2004
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The sound of ganking; usually spoken, sometimes shouted, when the act of ganking is taking place. A variation on "yoink"
"I'm going to gank one of these cookies." :grabs cookie: "Doink!"
by MISSY August 30, 2003
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1) Ed Gross
2) An overly dramatic person
3) One who stands like a male model while speaking to people he feels are "below" him.
Christ Ed we were talking about work, stop beign such a princess.
by MISSY March 10, 2004
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the smell that comsumes a females entire body during her period and leaves a scent when she gets up,,FROM THE BLOOD!
a fat girl opens her legs
by MISSY July 29, 2003
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