64 definitions by missy

the smell that comsumes a females entire body during her period and leaves a scent when she gets up,,FROM THE BLOOD!
a fat girl opens her legs
by missy July 29, 2003
John: Ayo, Kiki sux me off
Kiki: Whateva
by missy January 9, 2004
Jan Kurotaki is the most BEAUTIFUL Japanese woman on the face of the earth, she is awesome in every way. She also cosplays as Sakura from Naruto in a very pretty yet stylish way.
OMG ! did you see Jan Kurotaki ?? She is my cosplaying idol.
by missy November 3, 2004
You are hot. You're "BAD/BOMB" as in you are very good looking/attractive.
by missy June 10, 2012
An extremely filthy, highly promiscuous female. The queen of all skanks, mainly white trash.
by missy January 10, 2005
A more polite term for "Fornication under the the concent of the King"
"Folk you Mikey"
"No, dude, Folk you!"
by missy January 20, 2004
A citizen from Newcastle, North East England. Often praised for their outgoing and bubbly personalities, they have a distinctive accent which is recognised instantly.
by missy August 1, 2003