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(n) group of animals that live in one's pubic area
There are constant battles b/w edwin the snapping turtle and xena the chinchilla in zollo's pubic zoo
by MISSY November 25, 2002
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a dork; someone who does something of dork manner
I forgot where i put my glasses, oops there on my head!!
you are such a goober!!!
by MISSY June 13, 2004
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"Did you see that match? The team played hellish" "Ohhh, that was Hellish!"
by MISSY August 26, 2003
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The cool kid that can make his contacts land right in the container when sitting up right at the lunch table in study hall, freshman year!
Man, that cool Jakub sure knows what he's doing!
by MISSY May 25, 2004
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Jan Kurotaki is the most BEAUTIFUL Japanese woman on the face of the earth, she is awesome in every way. She also cosplays as Sakura from Naruto in a very pretty yet stylish way.
OMG ! did you see Jan Kurotaki ?? She is my cosplaying idol.
by MISSY November 3, 2004
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At Michigan Center my high school like thats all ppl say. Some guy from IN wrote it on our rock and now its all over school. It's a famous person
when someone says ur name, you say I'm Rick Bitch now step off
by MISSY July 1, 2004
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Actin goofy ass hell Like a geek
Wen someone is acting prepy
Or when someone is acting smart when you know their not
When your acting goofy or not yourself
Sentence (Im just Geekin) Or (OOw he geekin)
by MISSY August 4, 2003
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