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Shite American "sport" for fat people to play and watch.

Physical fitness is not required as play stops every minute for a 5 minute break when the coaches play a basterdised version of physical chess. Not to mention the fact that the entire team gets changed round several times a game. Why? Because one player is to stupid to be able to know how to both attack AND defend!

Players wear pads and helmets because they are too feckin dumb to learn how to tackle properly (like in Rugby). Padding is like giveing a swimmer a boat.

I couldn't give a shit who or how big Ray Lewis is. If he took all that gay padding off and came across Jona Lomu or any of the New Zealand rugby squad he would know what a tackle is. The bigger they are the harder they fall. And if everyone keeps quoting his name because he's huge at 250lbs that's about the MINIMUM weight for an international rugby forward.

How many "football" players actually look like they've been in a game? They're all pretty boys who don't know what a good studing or stamping on feels like. They should be put at the bottom of rook to see what it feels like without padding.

To summarise - shit, slow, lazy game (sport is too generous a word) played by fat, unfit people and supported by self obssessed, ignorant, xenophobic yanks who believe that because it is their sport it is the best in the world and their players are the biggest and strongest.
"Do you wanna go play some sports"
"Nah i'll sit here and drink beer and eat nachos because i'm a fat lazy yank"
by MIKE March 26, 2005
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Someone who can ball you outta your pants
Yo, Andy Loucks is a badass ankle breaker fo' sho, so get up outta my grill, bee-otch
by MIKE July 31, 2003
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1.A freshman in ridgefield high school
im not sure what his name is but he looks like monkey
2.A dirty nigger who looks like he escaped from a zoo
by MIKE April 07, 2005
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To lose control. To lose ones temper.
When Steve saw the damage to his car, he went all ape wire.
by MIKE November 10, 2003
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