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The world's coolest instrument. Sounds like a dying duck fart, unless you know how to play. Which I do, so boo-yah. Also, as I've been told many many many many times, it looks like a bong. OK, I get it, move on with your life already.
Random Guy: Hehe... did you know your instrument looks like a bong?

Me: yes, the past 5 people to walk past have said that. But that still doesn't mean you can put drugs in it, you disrespectful bassoon killer.
by Me April 20, 2005

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a very cool place to live near
even if the suburbs of pittsburgh are boring, theres always something to do in the city
by me March 24, 2005

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1. A donkey
2. My boss (or your boss)
My boss sucks and yours probably does too.
by Me September 29, 2003

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A racial slur for a Jewish person. Originates from the word 'keikl', in Yiddish, which means 'circle', the reason being that the first Jewish immigrants in America, who were unable to sign their names, signed with a circle instead of a cross.
yeahhhhhhhhh. thats a kike.
by me May 16, 2005

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Something I like to stare at on a girl.
Meghan has some nice titties :)
by ME November 02, 2003

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First person to die in every movie, usually in the first 5 minutes
Jefferson is dead!
by Me February 20, 2003

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SEX....to do the nasty
by ME May 15, 2003

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