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A YouTuber that has a twin brother named Ethan
I want a Grayson
by MASS May 7, 2019
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cheap, government-subsidized housing found in midtown ajax on the northeast corner of bayly and harwood.
Come over to my buddies place in the red bricks, we're gonna watch ufc, drink beers then get into a wrestling match outside.
by MASS July 11, 2005
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A town in southern Durham Region, Ontario, sandwiched between Pickering and Whitby.
Pickering Villiage is part of Ajax.
by MASS April 11, 2005
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Sucking up to someone,
Polishing apple,
To smooch somebodies poo!
A technique used worldwide, by geeks who wish to attain higher grades than people who can,
a, Play sport
b, Stand sunlight
Pete, Smooched teacher-poo to become head-boy.

"Oh Pete, you Poo-smoocher"
by MASS October 25, 2004
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The butt-ox of a man.
--Did you see Oz yesterday?
--Yeah...not bad, but too much mass.
by MASS April 19, 2004
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To be at peace and harmony with your self and the status quo of your existance.
An example of an Irie person would be The Irie Man himself BOB MARLEY, he was aware and was comfortable with himself.
by MASS March 11, 2004
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