Coolest guy ever but he gets in trouble a lot. Everyone admires him and looks up to him and has a funky personality.
Random dude: Yo!! Look it's Ajax.
Random dude's friend: No way!! He the coolest kid in school!!
by ogey and ? November 25, 2019
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A town in southern Durham Region, Ontario, sandwiched between Pickering and Whitby.
Pickering Villiage is part of Ajax.
by mass April 11, 2005
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A football club named after a Greek mytholigical hero, based in Amsterdam Holland
Ajax "was" the best team in the world untill it sold all it's better players to barcalona :(
by eejit June 25, 2004
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Ajax is a Dutch football club. They have had great success in the 2019 UEFA Champions League and have grown known to beat teams no matter how big of a challenge they are.

Person 2:"that’s really not a challenge at all"
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An industrial-strength cleaner sold by the company Colgative Palmolive, usually in powder form.
The fact that it took so long for someone to identify Ajax as a popular cleaner says a lot about the personal hygiene of Ajax soccer fans.
by sukebe November 21, 2006
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A greek mythical figure, and hero.
Also a cleaning supply.
Ajax also known as Ajax the lesser was a king who committed suicide for not reciving Achilles armour.
by mabu April 6, 2009
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Ajax are a very successful Dutch Football team. They play at the Amsterdam Arena and have won many cups in their time.
"You wanna come see Ajax VS PSV Eindhoven tonight?"
by Andy September 21, 2003
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