To excessively like, comment, and/or post on a Facebook wall in order to create several Facebook notifications resulting in a single person's notifications filling an individual's notification list. Excessive Pickering often results in Facebook placing limitations on a person's Facebook account to limit annoying other users.

Use of the term Pickering is most commonly found in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
James pickeringed Joey's Facebook by liking everyone's Happy Birthday posts on Joey's wall.

James will always pickering someone's Facebook when he is dating them.
by Cape Codder May 28, 2014
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Changing sports teams more often than you change your underwear only because you want to root for the team that is currently doing well. Even going as far as to go out sporting your "new" team's jersey and/ or caps, scarfs etc.
David is Pickering again. Apparently he is now a Cowboys fan.
by LocalDan33 March 11, 2017
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act of simultaneously denouncing lascivious behavior (usu. for political purposes) and engaging in that very same behavior

hiking the appalachain trail getting it on the side hypocrisy vitter
I heard that guy who called for Bill Clinton's resignation was caught "pickering" in a church!
by Degringolade July 17, 2009
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Pickering is a city 30 minutes East of Toronto. Its home to an Nuclear Power Plant and a strip club called The Palace. The Palace is a home away from home for the band Down With Webster as they are regulars at the gentlemen's club. They reportedly spent 90% of their record advance money on a platnium membership, which gives them a year-round reservation for the best seats on perv row.
Dude A: "Why are you going to Pickering?"
Dude B: "The Palace, bro."
Dude A: "Say Hi to Down With Webster for me while you're there."
by Chapstick99 March 2, 2010
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A ghetto wannabe town. Almost all the black people in the south half don't know how to act, think they are so fucking hood and tough, while living in rich areas like maple ridge or major oaks. Pickering isn't ghetto, it has one of the lowest crime rates in all of durham region. Ajax is more ghetto than Pickering. Any gangs you will hear of in Pickering, are fake. One of the high schools Pine Ridge Secondary School, is nicknamed crimeridge just because a guy got shot on the ball court once. This occoured over 15 years ago. Sure there is drugs, but every school has drugs. Every town has drugs, and it's not even known a lot. Kids will have the mentality that they're living in the ghetto when they have never witnessed a shooting. they think Pickering is hood when they have never stepped foot into Thorncliffe Park, Regent jungle, Flemingdon, or Scarborough. Overall, Pickering is a bullshit waste town, pretty much the Drake of Cities. (Drake is known for being a fraud, caliming his ghetto credability while having grown up in Forest hill, the richest area in toronto, thus meaning a ghetto fake or wannabe. This is how Pickering is the Drake of cities.)
PS most of the black kids are also mainly from the carribean and are racist to any other race or peoples, including africans.

Regent Park kid: "nigga shut the fuck up who you foolin mess with me my manz will fuck you up"

TPK kid: "Yo fuck this kid nigga let's fuck him up!"

Pickering black kid: *on his knees crying* "aaww plz come on man im sorry ariite dont hurt me man!"

Regent park kid to pickering kid: "fkn pussy"
by tdotnigaxx March 15, 2013
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Pickering is without a doubt the crappest little town on earth. It's full of small minded little dings who constantly drive around town in their crap cars listening to 'chooons' and constantly flock to the scabbiest pubs ie the Lettered Board and The Station. No one ever ventures out of this shit hole so all their lives revolve around who's doing what and are plagued with jealousy of every one else.
Pickering Chav 1: As off oot in Pickrin 2nyt kidda gunna tek sum eeees man is thee cummin?'

Pickering Chav 2: 'No tar ar kid gunna go t trackie instead lyk in me Saxo'
by Diana x x August 11, 2012
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Somewhere you'd never admit you're from.
He's from North Battleford, Saskatchewan. Don't mention it around him though; it's a real pickering.
by Your nom May 11, 2012
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