Essentially a Trendy Thug... TRendy + ThUG = TRUG
A Bloke who works in a very senior position at a Record Label or associated company.
He's thick set and has more hair on his face than on his head - This is an essential trait of a Trug. Probably Public school educated but has a 'Geezer' like swagger - He will call you sir but then spike your drink with MDMA later. He can out eat, out drink and out blag virtually any other type of human being on the planet.

His drugs are better than yours. He smells of Leather and Hermes.
Backstage after the show the boss at our new Record Label got us to line up with our hands behind our backs - he then produced a large bag of ecstasy tablets and started throwing drugs at us, he told us to catch them in our mouths - we jumped up and down trying to catch them like a bunch of performing seals...he laughed and barked orders at us as his mental wife fed him oysters from our rider...he got seafood juice all over his box-fresh Nikes. I love my new boss he's such a Trug. In fact, he's King of the Trugs.
by IndustryDickhead February 25, 2016
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TRUG is an accronym for The Really Ugly Girl. No matter wher you work or goto school there is that one girl that is just absolutly hideous. It also seems that the TRUG has no idea what TRUG means so you can call it right to her face
ME: "Hey TRUG have a nice day"
TRUG: "Thank you, will you be my friend"
ME: "NO!"(runs).
by UnTRUG March 14, 2005
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trug is "rug" with a "T"
as emma and lydia were walking down the hallway emma randomly started laughing and yelled out "TRUG IS RUG WITH A 'T'!!!" they both started laughing histerically confusing most everyone in the hall. (this could be caused by many things including: drugs, alcahol, or brain damage... no one is quite sure what it really is!)
by lydia December 29, 2003
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tis a rectangular box full of plants of any sort.

it is the word rug with a "T"

to blow or pop anything that is long in a particular way
randomly they started to laugh as they relized walking down the hall that the word trug was rug with a t. (i guess ud
either have to be drunk or stoned or jus plain mental in the mind to understand)
by does it matter December 29, 2003
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is when sumpin is realli herd and you just wanna say mug in a trug bug
yo man its hotter than a mug in a trug bug out here
by B- WEZZY October 06, 2006
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