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A word wannabe- gangsta white guys use to sound cool.
Roy: Hey Terrance, how's the computer programming goin'?
Terrance: Oh, its's T-Dog now! And it's pretty chill, for sure!
by LuluBee December 20, 2010

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Acronym for Urban That Shit; when an odd, slang, or generally unknown phrase is said to someone, with the person resorting to Urban Dictionary to find out what was just told to them.
Katie: Sup Kev?
Kev: Playing Black Ops! It's boss!
Katie: SMH

Kev: SMH? I gotta UTS!
by LuLuBee November 18, 2010

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Acronym for Undercover Homosexual. Meaning when a man acts, looks, engages, and acts the way of a gay man, however, constantly insists he is straight and is attracted to women.
Tom: Hey, why do ya think Gabe's always checkin' out my ass when I walk away?
Ty: C'Mon. He's obviously an UHS.
by LuLuBee November 12, 2010

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The act of being boss and getting something done, usually in a very cool or gangsta way.
Bitch, shut yo fat-ass mouth! Let's Do It Up, skank!
by LuLuBee November 07, 2010

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A girl that hails from or dresses like they are from New Jersey.
These girls usually have very orange "tans", long greasy and teased hair, long and pointy nails, very bronzed faces, overly arched eyebrows, dark, sparkly, or neon makeup, very skimpy and tight dresses, high boots or heels, lots of bling-y or flashy accessories, very large and jeweled purses, super low and tight shirts, thongs sticking out of their pants, fake boobs,and tons of glitter. These girls are usually very thin or very fat, never in- between. They are usually Italian or have a very large family and enjoy being very close to their families. Jersey Girls typically have high- end cars, very out- there personalities, jobs as hair stylists, makeup artists, or other prissy careers, and very fake- sounding or made-up names or nicknames. Jersey Girls often typically go clubbing, drink a lot and smoke regularly, stay out until the wee morning hours, are uneducated or act as if they are uneducated, hook up with strange and various men, are very bitchy and confrontational, get into and start many vicious catfights, make up odd phrases and abbreviations, take a very long time to get ready, believe they are 'hot' even if they aren't, get very drunk and often forget what happened the night before, and, generally, get along better with men.
Sassy:" Ugh, I have to go get my nails done today. The manicure I got yesterday is so nasty. I'm soo over cheetah print."

Carmella: " I'll come with. My hair needs a touchup, again. And we have to go tanning! My skin is fading from 'Cheeto Blast' to "Burnt Basketball'! I feel like a frickin' scumbag!

Sassy: "I know. I'm running out of bronzer. And someone used all my friggin' hairspray! I need some SBM, stat!"

Carmella: " Yeah! SBM- Shop, Bronze, Manicure! Oh, and did you see that girl SandMan hooked up with last night? What a whore! Like, for real. So disgusting."

Sassy: "You so got that right! I need a drink! What is it, 10 AM? Guess we're startin' late today! Where's the bar?!"

Carmella: 'Oh, don't worry, Sass! I got some beers in my bag."

Sassy: "I fricking love you, C- Cool! Let's get to the salon! We only have 14 hours to get ready before we go out! Noooo!"

Carmella: "You are such a Jersey Girl, Sassy!"
by LuLuBee August 15, 2010

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A recent(2010) movie about the creation of social network site, Facebook. It stars a bunch of ringlet-headed, self-conscious, snappy, socially-awkward characters, such as Mark Zuckerburg and Sean Parker and focuses around the constant situations of both being jerks, being pansies, and pissing each other off on multiple occasions.
Pat:"Did you see The Social Network this weekend?"
Tre:" Nah, man. Justin Timberlake and some freaky white-ass kid in a bathrobe having orgies in a doom room? No thanks."
by LuLuBee November 07, 2010

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