the most beautiful, gorgouse, stunning, girl. she has the sweetest heart, shes shy at first but once you get to know her you wouldnt regret meeting her. ANY GUY would be the luckiest guy in the universe to have her. shes funny, sweet, nice, kind, and drop dead gorgouse, she has everything anyone would want in a girl. she is great with friends, and popular. her bestfriends are the most impoartant thing to her. she seems shy, innocent, and quiet at first, but become friends with her and see that theres more to than how she "looks." she is orginal and unique, you cant find someone like her.
Tania is so amazing
by elizabethnat123 January 10, 2018
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Tania is a smart, beautiful and creative girl that you will ever meet. Her eyes are like stars and her heart is filled with warm love. You can always be yourself around her.
She is so Tania.
Tania is so beautiful
by henryntania August 24, 2017
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tania is a type of person who is incredibly attractive, who is very smart, who is truly honest, and is a type of girl who will not cheat and stay loyal
Tania is so dam amazing i wish she was mine
by Hflores October 18, 2016
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Tania is a swagalicious girl and is a baller, and if she ain't your friend you better find yourself a Tania
I wish I could be like Tania
by adddo9284 February 21, 2015
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Tania's usually come off as shy or quiet but once they feel comfortable will open up and can talk off a storm. Tania's are also heavy stoners so you definitely want to keep them around. This person also likes adventure and is friendly to almost anyone she meets!
Guy 1: "How'd your date with tania go?" Guy2: "it was awesome, we smoked a lot! Then went to a nice view"
by Urbandefine June 15, 2015
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Possibly the most beautiful name for a beautiful girl, Tania's are known to be work-a-holics, eat-a-holics, and gym-a-holics. Tania originated from Miami, Fl. but their ancestry can be traced back to Central American countries. In effect, girls with the name Tania are usually latina featuring large, brown eyes and delicious, curly hair. Naturally, Tania's are constantly referenced to Lady the dog from Disney's "Lady and the Tramp". Tania's physical beauty are often matched by their captivating personality i.e. Their smiles often provide a light in dark places while their quiet kindness evokes love for them. Tania's charm can also consist of a rougher side making them ready fighters. They may break promises and reject kisses (very sad). Lovely tattoo's may adorn their lovely, fuzzy bodies. The final quality is nevertheless angelic and perfect. A Tania is worth pursuing even though they prioritize their friendships and guard their hearts. Virgil once said it best, "Amor vincit omnia" meaning "love conquers all things" - so we too (Tania) shall yield to love (yours).
1. "You're beautiful, amazing, and perfect. If I had to guess, your name must be Tania."

2. "Tania, you must love a spaghetti dinner date since you loved one in your movie, he he."
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A shortened form of the name 'Titania', the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s "A Mid-Summer's Nights Dream"
Titania sounds weird, lets just call her 'Tania'
by Dallimar March 12, 2009
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