35 definition by Lucas

From the latin - rokureous

A small stumpy creature with squidgy cheeks and a cloud like texture and smell.

Can be found in various places.
Rokul see also rOkul and r0Kul
by Lucas August 02, 2004

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(n) A party game in which a pastry is put in the middle of a circle of people, each person then self stimulates ejaculation, the last person to do so is required to eat the pastry. Can also be played with a person in place of the pastry, the looser is required to preform oral sex on the ejaculation covered person
"Dude, that chick looks like a slut, lets see if she wants to play biscuit"
by Lucas March 30, 2004

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A woman with a very large vagina whose labia resembles large hanging pink curtains.
I was about to have sex with this chick but then I saw her opera house and my standing ovation lost its enthusiasm.
by Lucas February 16, 2005

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The spatial interaction between the person using the ATM and the person standing first in line, who is wanting to use the ATM. (2) The minimal personal space between the person using the ATM and the person wanting to use the ATM. Minimum=2'
Get out of my ATM space while I am completing my transaction.
by Lucas June 25, 2004

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The true name of a Snake made up by mah idiotic friend, Snakle Numbah 2.
"Me and Bullet (his friend) were playing Rouge Spear late at night. My name was Snake and suddenly bullet says Snakle. I was just playing around but it really annoyed him that I made fun of his misspelling of the word. I set it as my name and since then every first person shooter I've played, my name has been Snakle... I'm a true Metal Gear fan, but I believe that Snake was suppose to be named Snakle!"
Snakle really pwned him!
Aw, Raiden pwned the Snakle.
Snakle? I want a Snackle!
by Lucas January 25, 2004

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A series of books consisting of words and phrases in which individual letters are pronounced.
(See The Bee? The Bee Is A Busy Bee, Oh Isn't He?)
by Lucas December 21, 2004

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hiv (human imunodeficiency virus) or aids (aquired imunodeficiency virus)
lorisha got the trait from workin' too much in hunts point
by lucas July 09, 2004

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