35 definition by Lucas

a term for bangin hard, or riding em rough
I was horsin the shit out of your mom last night.
by Lucas November 14, 2003

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Adj. One who constantly assents no matter what the case. See agreeable.
by Lucas December 21, 2004

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A funny but crap film.
Funny becos its shit

only 2 funny parts sum 1 wit a brit accent says:"My Name is Chin wa tokasinkodsay ella nooooooohhhhhhh... but u can call me Dwayne".

and a part where a girl has an oversized teddy bear and sum1 walks up 2 her and goes:" Your parents......were eten by godzilla
Tongan Ninja is a very bad quality, shit film which is only really funny cos its a shit copy of kung powwhich kicks ass
by Lucas December 31, 2003

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Head Cracker In Charge. This is the leader of the gang named the "Crazy Crackers". He is the most dangerous of them all.
"Have you ever met the HCIC?"
by Lucas December 27, 2004

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The popular dance performed by single white men everywhere.
Hey, Melvin's doing the wall dance.
by Lucas December 20, 2004

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A sexual manovere in which sum 1 proceeds to jump and land on there front will giving sumone a buttfuck
Jim gave micheal a huge sphincter slam.
There was blood every where
by Lucas December 31, 2003

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A household cleaner derived from febreeze. Used to relieve the smell that a farbod leaves in the air and on your furniture after they have slept over your house.
I need to whip out my farbreeze
by Lucas February 19, 2005

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