35 definition by Lucas

A hippy. Someone who smokes a lot of weed.
My uncle Honey Rivers.
by Lucas April 01, 2004

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What Aulbire says because it seems to be less than 'drunk' when she doesn't wants to admit that she's fucked up.
Im ok, Im just krunk.
by Lucas July 01, 2004

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An over rated too expensive sports car that has the balls for the speed but costs to much to own. Money would be better spent in a gumball machine or buying a corvette
Ferrari is a pile, and shouldnt be made.
by lucas March 02, 2005

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A game played only when a member of the female class is in her menstraul cycle. The said female gets naked and runs around on her hands and knees. The "cat" who can be a member of either sex, also gets naked and chases the female around on their hands and knees. Upon catching the female, the "cat" removes the tampon from the female, and swings it around and plays with it like a cat does with a bloody mouse.
We cant have sex cause of that? Well shit, lets play cat and mouse.
by Lucas March 30, 2004

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A user of Macintosh computers, an Apple fan.
"So did you get caught out by that annoying (virus/worm/trojan)?"
"Nah, I'm a Mactard"
by Lucas May 27, 2004

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A good looking car but its is horrible for the price that is put into it you would get a better car out of a pinto then a lamborghini becuase of the high price now a good car is the corvette!!
That lamborghini got rocked by the vette.
by lucas March 02, 2005

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Slang for Hawaiian Natives. Due to them calling us Howlies (which I dont know what that means but I am sure its bad) We call them Hoolies due to the Hoola Dancing Ruits.
Hawaiian Native: "Hey Howlie go back to the valley."
Non-Hawaiian Native: "Whatever Hoolie, learn how to share a wave, they dont belong to you."
by Lucas June 14, 2006

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