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The Wholesome Reddit Rabbit! He's so big and also a hecking chonker!!!!!!! He's so breathtaking that everyone liked that.
by Lovethecreeper October 5, 2021
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Let's hope this one won't be as bad as fermi was
*GeForce GTX 480 Explodes*
GeForce RTX 4080: It's been over 10 years, hopefully that doesn't happen this time
by Lovethecreeper October 5, 2021
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an insult jobless neckbeards who haven't seen the sun in several months use in order to make themselves feel better about their pathetic living situation. It's usually directed towards minorities who ironically usually have better father figures then those using this insult.

That isn't to say you need to have a father figure to be a decent human being, but almost everyone who uses this insult is a hypocrite.
*LGBT+ person or furry existing*
Neckbeard: That's fatherless behavior *pees into a bottle*

*Someone has their pronouns in their username or bio*
Neckbeard: That's fatherless behavior *proceeds to cry over their father beating them when they were little*

*Someone disagrees with the neckbeard in any capacity*
Neckbeard: That's fatherless behavior *proceeds to go in a far-right racist rant*
by Lovethecreeper June 9, 2022
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a processor lineup from amd, having quad core, hex core, and octa core processors.
Person 1: I got the fx 8350
Person 2: the fx 8350 sux
Person 1: Shut up
Person 2: Fanboy
Person 3: STAP THIS
by Lovethecreeper February 21, 2015
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the first ever catboy and the father of Egoism.
Max Stirner: This pweases my ego nya
by Lovethecreeper October 5, 2021
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If you are reading this, get off the internet for (at least) a few hours and touch some grass. You have gone too far and have gone too long without seeing the sun.
Like seriously, why the fuck are you looking up "Among Us Sex" on Urban Dictionary?
by Lovethecreeper May 2, 2022
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a terrorist organization disguised as a government body
The CIA really does love to kill citizens in other countries and overthrow democratically elected governments
by Lovethecreeper October 5, 2021
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