An overweight giant earthdestorying, god killing rabbit.
Come, let's all pray to chungus and receive diabetic inducing Food
by @r8vilo December 28, 2018
Coined by Jim Sterling of Destructoid. Is said to mean anything and everything. Including but not limited to a chunky anus.
"Don't be such a chungus." Alternatively, "I love your chungus."
by Whidmark December 27, 2012
The most thiccest daddy of them all, the hairy father of big foot, the most biggest meme of 2018, larger than space and time itself, level 100 boss, basically he is god!
by Bignibbasleptwithyodawg January 5, 2019
noun- a person or being that has immense strength or power in life.
“Go chungus mode on that kid
by bigsicko December 24, 2018
Nobody really knows what it means.
Person 1: I want Big Chungus for Christmas.
Person 2: WTF is a Chungus?
by MVPatrascu January 4, 2019
A word that means anything and everything, in every context, including "chunky anus".Coined by the Greatest Showman of All Games Media, Jim Fucking Sterling, Son.
Shut up about your bloody chungus, Rory! No body gives a toss!
by LAURENCE, THE FIRST VICAR October 31, 2017
Person 1: Lets play basketball
Person 2: Chungus
Person 1: Fuck, you win
by Coochieboirosey December 25, 2018