A kind of insult used against cringe kids
Mostly Dream smp stans though
Person 1: I'm dreamsexual!~
Intellectual: Here we see some hella Fatherless behaviour
by ThtGenderfluidFryingPan December 19, 2021
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Having no father
"I have no dad"

''You're fatherless"
by Adarianis August 29, 2021
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A person whose lacking a male parental figure in their life
They played genshin impact for 16 hours in one sitting? Fucking fatherless!
by bruh_w0w December 13, 2021
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Fatherless means to have no male figure to take care of you but as evolved into a insult online that implies that you cannot behave without a father and that fathers take care of children better than mothers.
a person does something cringy
"You're fatherless!"
"Why does it matter I don't have a dad?, I have 2 mothers."
"God your so dumb obviously fathers know how children should be raised better than mothers."
"My mothers take care of me fine so how do you know that?"
"You Idiot the father is one who's supposed to take care of the family while mothers only look after kids and do chores just like how it goes in my family and every other normal family."
"What a brainwashed fool."
by Fadeider April 11, 2022
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A word, usually an insult, used to describe someone who figuratively/sometimes literally has no father figure.
For example, a person who watches videos about the Dream SMP might be called fatherless, or someone way too obsessed with a particular singer/kpop group.
Person 1: Wait are you an ARMY too?!?!
Person 2: Man just look at her, she's fatherless
by therealskinnylegend December 27, 2021
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Fatherless people have no father. He left for the milk when they were a child or just died.

All Dreamstans/Dreamgender/Dreamsexuals/Georgesexuals are fatherless.
Also people with no father.
by CaIIMeArt May 2, 2022
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A term typically used a tik tok meaning you have no father and you don’t know how to act.
by Cudlyyy September 2, 2021
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