A woman who goes down far enough, long enough that her face turns blue.
Becky in known for using her smurfette expertise in order to make men cum.
by DV Jake July 07, 2019
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fuck a girl in a port o potty and dunk her head in the blue stuff the cum on her head
I was fucking this chick in a port o potty, so I asked if she likes smurfs. she said yeah so i gave her a smurfette, I pushed her head in the toilet and then came on her head.
by O.J.A.M. May 29, 2011
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Mixing vodka and blue raspberry pre-workout at one in the morning and projectile vomiting while working out.
"wat u kno bout dat Smurfette life."
by liko3102 December 27, 2018
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Take a bitch into a Porta Shitter and rail her from behind. Start very quietly say "oh yeah Smurfette" Progressively get louder until the unsuspecting bitch asks you "who is Smurfette" Promptly dunk her head into the blue water and say " YOU'RE SMURFETTE BITCH!!! " You can also use Cunt if you prefer.
Hey Jarett ! I just gave your mom the Smurfette!
by JAMES COLLIN OHARA June 19, 2010
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A horny ass bitch who takes it up the shnozz by Shmoes.
@1Dude did you see that pornstar?
@2yeah man, she was a real smurfette. I'd do her up the shnozz.

@1 Wow, you are a shmoe.
by Falseeyelashes July 09, 2011
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an annoying girl with a crazy tan
and an uneven face that looks like the small creature from the 1980s cartoon show. also she usually thinks shes skinny but shes not.
i think we should like toooottaly be jealous of the smurfette girl like shes so
oo pretty and hot and skinny and she seems like super smart
by girl.li.shuss February 16, 2009
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