a special greeting used on the internet. can also be sued to show frustration later in the conversation
Guy - grah
guy2 - grah2j00
guy - wanna come over
guy2 - can't
guy - grah
by Nirvana21 October 30, 2006
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The female version of the term "Brah"

Used to greet any chill chicks
Grah- Here brah, i bought you a taco.

Brah- Wow, thanks grah.
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A term generally used by Miss Rosie, the defintion of which i've not quite been able to fathom. I think it's simply a noise, possibly to indicate anger
by LordBlunkey June 13, 2004
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Grah is a slur that people use and they don't even know. That word offends people that are muslim because its racist to them.
You are grah
Why did you say that to me :,(
by Batakata12 October 4, 2021
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Expression of frustration used by Amy Chi. Amalgamation of GRRRR and AHHH.
"Assman is so gay! GRAAAAH"
by srbradbury March 18, 2005
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'Grah Grah Boom' is a sound made by only the hardest drill rappers and crazies on the streets.

It is an onomatopoeia for loud, hard hitting gunshots, particularly from a large caliber firearm that can decapitate the average gangbanger with a single bullet. It is frequently used as an adlib in various rap videos.

It can also be used to threaten someone, especially other rival gang members (Mostly in the Bronx or Chicago) with a gun, or to diss dead gang members.
"Ayy nigga we finna pull up and Grah Grah boom on dey bitch ass " - Wannabe gangster
by Lil hoodlum June 20, 2022
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