6 definitions by Lord Bismarck

How was your date with Kathy last Friday? I took her to dinner and then we went to a party and she ended up going home with some other dude - what a slooch!
by Lord Bismarck October 27, 2011
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Associated ass itch from insufficient wiping.
The result of the single-ply toilet paper was total itchy bana.
by Lord Bismarck November 15, 2011
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Toilet paper that doesn't effectively remove fecal material from the body after taking a crap.
Unfortunately all they had in the gas station restroom was John Wayne toilet paper; it's rough, it's tough, and it doesn't take shit off of anybody!
by Lord Bismarck November 15, 2011
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An individual that cannot be stopped at any buffet. He is feared by restaraunt owners for his ability to destroy profitability.
The restaraunt owners new they were going to lose money when the buffet juggernaut walked through the door.

You leave now! You been here for hour!
by Lord Bismarck October 17, 2011
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A bartender who's head is on a swivel and keeps your drink(s) refreshed without hesitation. Generally hard to find, especially at singles bars where the bar keep is more interested in scoring than earning a gratuity.
That dude was a 360 bartender. I never had to ask him for anything, and neither did anyone else. He was Johnny on the Spot, and even slid me a free beer after my fourth round with subsequent tips. Bravo!
by Lord Bismarck November 18, 2011
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Unfortunate truth - a wannabe arm-chair philosopher who will infringe on individual rights merely based on their skewed version of reality. In other words an unfortunate truth is a walking talking rectum, and THAT is the unfortunate truth.
Did you here that douche bag yapping his head off about poor food choices for kids being a form of child abuse. That left winger is an example of the unfortunate truth that we are heading toward a socialist state.
by Lord Bismarck July 14, 2012
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