Rough and tough and doesn't take shit off of anyone
Damn dude, why you walking so funny?

I just took a shit in WalMart. All they had was John Wayne toilet paper. My asshole feels like downtown Baghdad.

I'm sorry man. Go take a shower.
by Tongue Roll July 2, 2013
John Wayne toilet paper – Military term used to describe the low grade toilet paper found in the MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) accessory packet. Called so because it’s rough, tough and don’t take shit off of anybody. Can also be used in place of extra fine grit sandpaper when refinishing furniture.
Can I score a roll from that big box of ass wipe that your mom sent last week?
All that I have is that damn John Wayne toilet paper.
by Trav March 28, 2005
Inexpensive, single-ply, institutional-grade coarse toilet paper; from a joke. This stuff we use is John Wayne toilet paper; it's rough, it's tough, and it takes no crap off of anyone!
Barry in janitorial services went the passive-aggressive route when he was stiffed on his long-overdue raise. Suddenly, the two-ply Charmin was replaced by John Wayne toilet paper.
by Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head September 11, 2005
Toilet paper that doesn't effectively remove fecal material from the body after taking a crap.
Unfortunately all they had in the gas station restroom was John Wayne toilet paper; it's rough, it's tough, and it doesn't take shit off of anybody!
by Lord Bismarck November 15, 2011
Toilet Paper that is very nasty and rough and does not take shit off anyone. Usually this toilet paper is found in portable toilets.
Why does my office restroom always seem to have John Wayne Toilet Paper?
by Genuine April 26, 2005
Its rough. Its tough. And it dont take no shit from any indians.
Pretty much anything any cowboy ever wiped his ass with.
by Will June 5, 2003
A term for when the cardboard tube of a depleted roll of toilet paper is used as toilet paper.
"Man, I was out of good toilet paper so, I had to use the john wayne toilet paper" Jake said. His roommates replied "I see. So you had to use the empty roll."
by Morrison House February 16, 2008