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To knowingly and manipulatively persuade one or more stoners to purchase food that could be construed as more than the excessive amount they already ordered.
Yo dude, that concession guy totally committed Stoner Abuse on us; we got Cherry Cokes, a large popcorn, two hot dogs each, Milk Duds, and Raisinets, and that dude tried selling us soft pretzels after we said we were done.
by Loose Mortar June 14, 2011
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The point at which all of your draft picks end up sucking or injured; and there's nothing on the waiver wire that will offer you any hope of winning another game this season.
I'm playing total fubartasy at this point, I'll be getting my ass kicked for the rest of the season.
by Loose Mortar October 01, 2016
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In poker, one who folds their cards prematurely, with a likely or guaranteed winning hand; also, one who fails to fold an absurdly poor hand resulting in multiple additional wasted bets.
The guy is a complete foldtard, he had a nut boat going into the River and threw his cards in.
by Loose Mortar June 10, 2011
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To get stoned alone, getting high with oneself.
My buddies went home early so I popped "Grandma's Boy" into the DVD player and got stalloned.
by Loose Mortar March 07, 2011
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