The suburban region west of the city of St. Louis. Includes the municipalities of Clayton, Ladue, Creve Coeur, Olivette, University City, Chesterfield, Ballwin, Wildwood.
The upstart Barkers don't want to be considered rich west county snobs, but since they live in Ladue, they are!
by Rufus Smith April 30, 2006
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A section of the suburbs of St. Louis. Marked by a lack of anything interesting or creative. Full of mindless suburban clones.
I never thought I'd make it out of west county alive.
by BeingAlive July 11, 2006
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full of rich or wanna be rich dumb, naive, lost white boys in west county driving camaros and transams, trying to be cool, with their very lost wanna be hollister, a@F white girls, wandering around doing nothing, in the middle of nothing.
west county white boyz: hey yo, wanna race gotta v8 camaro ill smoke ur ass. (Hhahahahah. girls in the background go dillan i love you hoho)

azn guy: ummm. ur not worth my time. but oh well wut the hell. the 12 sec rsx type s takes off, leaving the lost boyz no chance.

west county white boyz: wtf. is that korean car a v10 or what, im gonna get me one of those.
by miserian August 15, 2006
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The western suburbs of Saint Louis, Missouri. Towns include Ballwin, Chesterfield, Des Peres, Ellisville, Eureka, and Wildwood.

People from here are usually easy to spot. Look for men with sock and sunglass tans. The women usually sport short hairdo's that went out of style 8 years ago everywhere else but Missouri. The girls look like A&F ho's and the boys like they are auditioning for an LFO reunion concert. The teens can often being heard saying "that's gay" while loitering at the Torrid store.

Other traits include the love of jesus, mc mansions, believing the world is only 2,000 years old, and that the planet is their's to shit all over. They love republicanism and are scared of anyone that doesn't look like, think like, or act like them (you know who you are, black kid behind the Orange Julius counter).
I would rather give myself a circumcision with a KFC spork than live in west county.
by CGPinFL June 11, 2009
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All people living in West St. Louis County. These people are all extreamly wealthy, live in very nice houses (usually ranging from $500,000- $1,000,000+), and drive luxury cars. They are better than all other people living in St. Louis County because they can buy what ever they want. Their children even tend to drive nice luxury cars which you can see when you drive by the local schools and the students' cars are nicer than the teachers. There is rivalry between schools that live any farther west than the Chesterfield/Wildwood area (2 in particular but won't mention any names. The reason for this is because the hick school(s) is/are extremly jealous of everything the other school & students have (a.k.a. money).
"Let's go car shopping. How about the hummer dealer! NO... lets go to the porsche dealer...WAIT... THE BENTLEY DEALER!!!" (all in Chesterfield Valley in a 3 mile radius)
by West County Snob April 28, 2005
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Most of the time, a teenager living in West County, really preppy, acts like a slut...West County referring to the region west of St. Louis, Missouri.
Man I gotta get me one of them West County Bitches!
by s3l November 16, 2005
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Any and all persons residing in, and sometimes near, the west county area of St. Louis, MO. These people genuinely believe that they are smarter, better looking, funnier, and all around better then everyone else on the face of the earth. In actuality they are sadly mistaken.
Look there is a herd of west county snobs decked out in their Northface coats and fanny packs and birkenstock clogs. They are all listening to Dave Matthews.
by Liz October 18, 2004
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