921 definition by Light Joker

a mustache (from an abbreviation of mustache)
Your stache is nothing compared to mine.
by Light Joker March 27, 2005

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a bag used for carrying home uneaten food from a restaurant.
Do you have a doggy bag for my dessert?
by Light Joker April 23, 2005

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this cannot happen without more than one person
The reason we came out alive is because we worked together. After all, it takes two to tango.
by Light Joker August 27, 2005

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a woman's breasts(jocular)
Her hooters were almost perfectly sized.
by Light Joker March 02, 2005

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1. To understand something

2. to appriciate or like something.
I'll bet she really digs him.
by Light Joker January 06, 2005

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to urinate
(especially in one's pants)
If I don't reach the bathroom I am gonna piss in my pants
by Light Joker March 24, 2004

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(variants: crap, squat, poop, or shit may replace dump)

to defecate
Come on, find a rest stop already. I have to take a dump.
by Light Joker April 04, 2005

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